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Our History

DataVerse Consulting Sole Co. Ltd is a consulting firm specializing in supporting international development projects, organizations and companies in various areas related to management. We aim to simplify complexity, rather than complicate simplicity. 

Our main expertise is in developing and operating (information-) management systems, including Cloud Databases and Surveys. Our solutions often combine online and offline features, quantitative and qualitative solutions, and are tailored towards the needs of the client. 
Our National Assembly Cloud Database has been mentioned in the UNDP Governance Report of 2022 and our I-GFLL Database has been selected by GIZ as one of their “Success Stories” in 2023. 

Our multi-cultural and multi-disciplined Team has grown substantially in the past years to around 30 members, most of them based in Vientiane Capital. Our Team Leader, Juergen Piechotta, has been working as a freelance consultant since 2006. The majority of his 80+ assignments were located in Laos and Southeast Asia, but he has also worked in Africa and Latin America.

Our clients include numerous bilateral and multilateral organizations, development banks, NGOs, government (of Laos) agencies and other consulting firms. Our work spans over a broad range of sectors, including rural development, governance, health, natural resources and others. 

Over the years, we have developed various approaches and technical solutions for (information-) management, including offline (advanced in MS Excel), semi-online (e.g. Kobo, Google Spreadsheets, Sharepoint) and full online (e.g. Laravel, PHP, HTML) solutions. Notably our approach to effectively and efficiently manage highly complex projects with a large number of stakeholders through a Cloud Database has proven to be functional and replicable. 

Having implemented a large number of (face-to-face and phone) surveys and assessments, over time we have developed a solid toolbox for all Survey stages. We believe in the complementarity of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our survey results are highly visualized (using charts and table) and translate complex sets of data into clear and useful messages.  

Throughout our work, we often facilitate (planning and review) workshops, support report-drafting and provide close institutional support to our clients through formal and informal trainings and personal mentoring. 

Having grown substantially in the past years, our young and motivated Team is excited to continue supporting our clients and to venture into new areas. 
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